This house would ban gambling

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U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board announced this Friday that the date for implementing regulations in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (Uigea) will be delayed untill June 1, 2010. Colorado Gambling Law Tweaked to Ban Skill-Gaming Machines Senator Bob Gardner believes Colorado gambling law was clear on skill gaming, which is why he had to sponsor a bill to have the law changed to ban skill-gaming. RAWA online gambling ban reintroduced in Congress | Hold Em For US Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah has not given up his charge to criminalize online gambling in the US, having reintroduced RAWA to US Congress.

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Iowa Gaming Association - Providing Economic Development Responsible Gaming » Self-Exclusion Program ABOUT THE PROGRAM: For several years the casino members of the Iowa Gaming Association allowed a person to ban him/herself from a particular casino. In 2004, a Statewide Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program was created so a person could sign one form and not be allowed at any Iowa licensed casino. Which Countries Ban Gambling? - Lawyer Monthly

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Net Gambling:To Ban or Not to Ban | Wired Congress is divided over whether states should regulate and tax or ban Internet gambling. AT&T installs more call centers for U.S. troops in Kuwait... Scientists work towards developing smart telephones that can sense whether users are too … Ban on Net Gambling Sought | Wired Lawmakers are again trying to ban Internet gambling, but some say the government should go after Americans who gamble on the Net rather than offshore gambling operators.

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This house would ban gambling | This would ban gambling! Gambling can lead to addiction. Gambling can lead to crime. Gambling can lead to economical crisis/debt. Gambling has wrong morals as it teaches people that winning money is the only goal you need in life. Gambling creates family issues and can lead to suicide. Because of all this, Gambling should be banned! Gambling And Casinos Should Be Banned - DebateWise Gambling attracts people with little money who are desperate for a windfall. ... thinking that they will become addicted. Once they become addicted, it is too late. As with drugs, it is better to ban gambling to stop people getting started in the first place. ... Gambling and casinos should be banned because it waste ample time which could be ... Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why