Nevada state prison casino tokens

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Below are pictures and availability of all tokens for this group. In addition to available tokens, there are pictures of tokens that are in my collection, but are not available for sale. A comprehensive list of all tokens produced in Nevada can be found in my new Token book. See Reference page. I will try to keep these pages as current as possible.

RARE Prison Casino Tokens | Spinettis Gaming Supplies RARE Nevada Prison Casino Tokens! This Sunday we will have individual casino tokens that come from the Nevada State Prison Carson City's penitentiary. These tokens are a great find and are very rare. From 1932 until 1967 blackjack, craps, poker, rummy and sports betting were available to the inmates as a recreational activity. Prison casino is history | Las Vegas Review-Journal But Howard Herz, a Gardnerville resident who is the state’s foremost expert on gaming tokens, has written about the prison casino and found perhaps the real reason for the casino closure. Inmates | Nevada Department of Corrections The Department of Corrections generally only has custody of, and information on, offenders who have received a sentence of incarceration in a Nevada State Prison, and are currently serving that sentence.

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The Nevada State Prison Token Collection of 36 different pieces offered here started with Hal Dunn’s Collection and has been added to over the years, but only barely. Hal used to tell me how frustrated he was at trying to get the older tokens, and how rare they were (fh). Dating the tokens from this collection is very difficult. Nevada Casino Gaming Tokens - Coin Community I have about a dozen $10 gaming tokens from various Nevada casinos. They are about 40mm in diameter and 4 mm thick. There is about a 5mm ring of what looks like brass around the outside edge. The center parts are .999 fine silver and are so labeled. None of them shows a weight, however. Nevada State Prison - Wikipedia

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Nevada State Prison ... hired Carl Hocker as the prison's warden. Hocker ordered the casino to be shut down and ... Nevada State Prison at the Nevada ...

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