Forest garden slot down compost bin

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Forest Slot Down Wooden Compost Bin (1.06x1.06m)

Forest Slot Down Compost Bin - This slot down composter from Forest has a large 650 litre capacity, so everything from prunings, grass cuttings to old cotton shirts can be turned into nutrient rich goodness. The slotted posts are fixed into the gound to secure the whole compost bin. To access the mature compost all you have to do... Forest Slot Down Compost Bin: Garden &… "If you are an avid gardener, the Slot Down Compost Bin allows you to make use of your kitchen scraps, and the slot down design makes accessing your compost much easier than a regular bin. This composter holds approximately 650L of green waste and the rustic nature of the rough sawn boards...

Forest Garden Slot Down Compost Bin - Extension Kit - 650 ...

Dear Riders, 2. Add wood chips from the left side compartment of the composting bin, to the food scrap waste compartment and mix thoroughly with the compost bin stir and mix tools.

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This wooden, slot-down, garden composter is very useful; it will be a perfect addition to any garden, boasting over 40 cubic feet of capacity. This compost bin provides the ideal home for all of your plant waste... whilst making it a great little recycling machine! Forest Slot Down Compost Bin: Garden & Outdoors

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Forest Slot-Down Compost Bin 1.1 x 0.8 x 1m -